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Cyber Insurance


As technology develops, it is becoming increasingly important for individuals and businesses to safeguard themselves from cyber threats. A business is not guaranteed, even with a significant investment, that its IT environment is totally secure. Cyber insurance is an important consideration when assessing your risks and proactively preparing for potential loss or damage. [...]

Cyber Insurance2020-04-30T13:40:24+02:00

Lockdown: It’s Business Unusual


To all our clients, suppliers, partners and friends. We are adhering to the lockdown protocols being implemented from midnight 26 March 2020 and are fortunate enough to be able to continue our work through this lockdown period, where all our staff will be active and working from home and will be readily available via [...]

Lockdown: It’s Business Unusual2020-03-25T13:23:50+02:00

Broker Partner Model


INSURANCE BROKING SHOULD BE MORE ABOUT DOING BUSINESS AND SERVICING CLIENTS, LESS ABOUT ADMIN. Would you consider a partnership that could significantly change the way you do business? Developments in the short term insurance industry make it an interesting time to be thinking about the future of your insurance. If you are a broker [...]

Broker Partner Model2020-02-25T16:33:01+02:00

Broker Referral Incentive


HOW TO EARN COMMISSION ON SHORT-TERM LEADS? LONG & SHORT TERM BROKING: As a long term financial advisor, you understand the importance and value of the relationships with your clients. The service you provide to them is backed by a thorough analysis and deep understanding of their needs, knowledge of the industry and products [...]

Broker Referral Incentive2020-02-25T16:25:26+02:00

Our Econorisk Superheroes


Superheroes and heroines aren’t only found in the movies. Superman, Spider-Man, Batman, Wonder Woman and the other popular characters from Marvel and DC are world-renowned. At Econorisk we have decided to recognise our own superheroes. The Superheroes theme is fun, relevant and forms part of our internal culture drive – growing morale and driving [...]

Our Econorisk Superheroes2019-10-22T16:30:10+02:00

Econorisk team recognised amongst the 35 finalists in the 2019 Top 35-under-35 SAICA award


Launched in 2014, the Top 35-under-35 South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) award aims to find the best young Chartered Accountant in South Africa. Jonathan de Vries, Executive Head of Finance at Econorisk, was selected as one of the Top 35 finalists. SAICA receives hundreds of applications and nominations – nationally and internally, and [...]

Econorisk team recognised amongst the 35 finalists in the 2019 Top 35-under-35 SAICA award2019-10-08T15:05:17+02:00

Successfully navigating tough roads in the road-freight market


The commercial transport industry is steered by a string of events – some more controllable than others. In navigating this environment there are steps that you can take to manage the risks your business may be exposed to, in order to smooth out the road ahead. Matthew van den Heuvel, our Joint Group CEO, [...]

Successfully navigating tough roads in the road-freight market2019-09-30T17:27:41+02:00

Can the right insurance cover help increase success for small businesses?


By Matthew van den Heuvel, Joint Group CEO at Econorisk. Starting a business is both exciting and challenging. The risks faced by small businesses are not significantly different to the risks faced by their larger counterparts. Risks are indiscriminate by nature; the main difference lies in the impact of the risk on the business. [...]

Can the right insurance cover help increase success for small businesses?2019-09-13T10:05:32+02:00

Marine Insurance


The Econorisk Marine Product covers all modes of transport while the goods are in transit, including sea, air, road and rail, both locally and internationally. Econorisk offers tailor made insurance and risk management solutions, providing cover that will best suit the unique characteristics of the commodities being transported, including complex type risks. The world [...]

Marine Insurance2019-08-28T18:12:57+02:00

Engineering Insurance


Plant, production, printing, civil, industrial, mechanical or chemical engineering - the worlds of production and engineering are complex. At Econorisk, we are able to offer specialised cover and solutions for the Engineering and Manufacturing industries, where risk is ever present and varied in its forms. In these complex environments, you need a business partner [...]

Engineering Insurance2019-08-28T17:41:39+02:00