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Motor Traders Insurance


IT’S AN INDUSTRY UNLIKE ANY OTHER, SO IS OUR MOTOR TRADERS POLICY.  The motor trade industry is one of the most important sectors in the South African economy. The Econorisk motor traders policy is designed specifically to provide cover to the motor trade and to meet the commercial short term insurance needs of [...]

Motor Traders Insurance2019-08-28T13:47:22+02:00

Heavy Commercial Vehicle and Fleet Insurance


The commercial transport industry is steered by a string of events - some more controllable than others. The more you manage the risk, the smoother the road ahead. At Econorisk, we know what it takes to keep your business moving and offer specialised insurance for commercial fleets. Here are some of the key benefits [...]

Heavy Commercial Vehicle and Fleet Insurance2019-08-28T13:53:13+02:00

Today’s commercial broker must understand risk management principles


What would you do if your entire factory burnt down? Or if cybercriminals corrupted your IT systems beyond repair? And what if your company got sued for three times its annual turnover? These are the sorts of questions brokers should be asking their clients when setting the levels of cover required in commercial policies. [...]

Today’s commercial broker must understand risk management principles2019-07-30T13:49:20+02:00

August 2018: Key take-out on EIL


Guilty until proven Innocent Your status when it comes to being liable for polluting the environment Being held guilty is a complete turnaround to the presumption of innocence until proven otherwise, and enough to turn your business world upside down when it comes to gradual or sudden environmental pollution. At Econorisk's August [...]

August 2018: Key take-out on EIL2018-08-30T12:35:11+02:00

Welcome to B-Sure


Welcome to B-Sure Econorisk is powering up its growth plan! We are very excited and pleased to introduce B-Sure into the Econorisk fold!  "This addition to our business is part of our Broker Partner strategy, and is a key pillar of our growth plan,” says Chairman, Matthew van den [...]

Welcome to B-Sure2018-08-21T13:28:25+02:00

Celebrating the spirit of Madiba 2018


Celebrating the spirit of Madiba Social Investment means far more than funding to Econorisk While financial support is much needed and well deserved, there’s an inherent commitment and passion that makes our team’s community involvement come to life.  We aim to make a difference with our continued support [...]

Celebrating the spirit of Madiba 20182018-08-16T16:48:27+02:00

Almost everything worth doing is risky


Risky Business in a hard market Almost everything worth doing is risky! Risk-taking can be good for small business growth - but risky environments or unforeseen incidents can also bring a business to its knees.  Think listeria and product recalls, think construction disasters, burning trucks during protests, and just recently - cyber [...]

Almost everything worth doing is risky2018-08-16T16:56:53+02:00

Risk alert in this hard market cycle


Risk alert in this hard market cycle In what was one of the costliest years for both insured and uninsured losses, 2017 racked up a total of US$135bn, as estimated by global risk management company, Munich Re. “There are some prevailing themes evolving in the short-term insurance space - some of these [...]

Risk alert in this hard market cycle2018-08-16T13:18:02+02:00

Forecasting with the experts


Forecasting with the experts Econorisk partnered with wealth management specialists, Citadel in Johannesburg to host the April #RiskSeries.  Politico-economic trend analyst, JP Landman and Citadel's Head of Fund Research and Portfolio Manager, Yolanda Naudé considered the threats and opportunities facing global and local economies, as well as taking a look at financial [...]

Forecasting with the experts2018-08-15T17:32:08+02:00