Book Before the Coffee Gets Cold

by Andrew Crichton

Whilst the kettle is boiling, perhaps it’s a good opportunity to book your seat for the Econorisk #riskseriesSeptember_RiskManagement. And here is why…

Those reserving their seats for the latest installment of the Econorisk Breakfast Series #riskseriesSeptember can expect a morning filled with excitement and informative discussions surrounding physical risk, security and safety on company premises.

With businesses facing impending dangers each day, company owners and directors are constantly looking for viable and affordable solutions to ensure their safety. From workplace incidents to property damage, any issue in the workplace can make a dent in productivity and eventual profit.

That is why Econorisk is excited to announce the next #riskseriesSeptember event which focuses on how to best secure your workplace in accordance to the standards set by the Occupational Health & Safety Act of South Africa. A web of regulations and red tape can be easily navigated once stakeholders understand the complete and precise process.

And with the support of Factory & Industrial, Econorisk aims to help you and your business strive whilst working in concert with the regulations, meaning that you maintain safe and functional operations at the work premises.

F&I is leader in risk management and underwriting with years of experience at their helm. They also provide Health & Safety audits highlighting areas of compliance and non-compliance in terms of the Occupational Health & Safety Act. Their insight into the insurance industry will provide business owners with the most suitable knowledge in order to adhere to best practice and a safe working environment for their employees.

Make sure to reserve your seat at the #riskseriesSeptember_RiskManagement event taking place on 06 September 2017 at CCJ Woodmead, Sandton. Contact Econorisk today to book your place and be part of the conversation:

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