How Can Breakfast Change Your Future?

by Andrew Crichton

The notion that you can resolve any issue in your business over breakfast is improbable. You face an array of risks daily; ranging from online security to the regulatory requirements needed at your physical premises. Surely securing your business would take more than a coffee and croissant?

As each day passes, business owners and managers across South Africa share a collective sense of relief as they successfully navigate an increasingly treacherous operating environment. One characterised by political risk, economic uncertainty and customers and suppliers under financial pressure.

Understanding risk and what it really is invaluable. However, knowing how to mitigate such risks and ‘threat-proofing’ your business is even more important. And this is where Econorisk comes to the fore.

Econorisk, a leading independent short-term insurance and risk management company with long-term vision, has partnered with several service providers to host the monthly #RiskSeries Breakfast Series. Allowing stakeholders an opportunity to delve into current issues relating to risk, business continuity and how best to secure one’s critical assets.

With leading industry partners such as Factory & Industrial, Clyde & Co and iTOO, attendees can expect expert advice on topics such as Risk Management, Cyber Security as well as Fraud & Theft. Analysing the various risk management options open to them.

So, to answer our initial question, yes you can change your future over breakfast. The future of your business that is! Attend the next #RiskSeries Breakfast Series event and be part of the conversation, as Econorisk looks to change the way South Africa thinks about risk. Simply reserve your seat today by contacting:

If you or an associate owns or manages a business, it is highly advised that you partake in the #RiskSeries Breakfast Series as it can mean the difference between success and failure. Make the right choice and join the Econorisk conversation today.

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