Supporting Children in Need on Mandela Day

Econorisk is committed to supporting the development of our country and particularly those less fortunate than ourselves. This Mandela Day, the Econorisk Team were privileged and humbled to take a day out of the office to support Hayani Children’s Home.

In the spirit of our former President and his legacy, Econorisk were proud to spend Mandela Day supporting Hayani Children’s Home.

The Econorisk team collected money, clothing, household goods and a host of other supplies to donate to the children and their caretakers.

It was a hugely humbling experience, highlighting the plight that many South Africans still face to this day. Econorisk’s support for Hayani will go on beyond Mandela Day and we encourage you to do what you can for the children.

Should you wish to make a donation to Hayani Children’s home or simply want to know more, please contact Nethania at

Econorisk mandela day

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