Welcome to B-Sure

Econorisk is powering up its growth plan!

Econorisk and Bsure

We are very excited and pleased to introduce B-Sure into the Econorisk fold!  “This addition to our business is part of our Broker Partner strategy, and is a key pillar of our growth plan,” says Chairman, Matthew van den Heuvel.

B-Sure was founded by Orlando Bernardes and is supported by General Manager, Mariaan Jackson and Luan Strydom. B-Sure’s culture of going ‘above and beyond’ aligns perfectly with Econorisk, and the B-Sure team will focus on growing and maintaining their book on the Econorisk licence and platform.

New on the floor
We’d also like to welcome Lavern Jonas (Claims Administrator) who joined us from B-Sure as part of our claims team.

Thank you to our Econorisk team for being a part of our outstanding growth…

Welcome to B-Sure –
We look forward to supporting your success

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