Marine Insurance

Marine Markets for insurance
Marine Cargo InsurancePhysical loss and/or damage to goods being transported by sea, air, rail and road freight including imports, exports and cross voyages (world – world) as well as inland transit shipments (within South Africa).
Marine Stock ThroughputSeamless cover for all transportable goods subject to the insured’s scope of trade (including raw materials, semi-finished and finished products). This includes cover from the source of production, during storage at the nominated storage facility, to the final delivery.
Marine Hull InsuranceProvides cover in respect of damages to the hull and machinery of ships, yachts, barges, tugs and other floating equipment during maritime ventures.
Marine LiabilitiesProvides cover in respect of various interests associated with the shipping industry and maritime trade, namely but not limited to:

Ship Repairers Legal Liability – Cover for legal liability arising during the course of the ship repairers scope of work / insured services in respect of the hull & equipment in their care, custody and control, including damage to third party property and / or personal injury.

Carriers Legal Liability – Cover in respect of legal liability for physical loss of / or damage to goods whilst in the Insureds care, custody and control (e.g. fire / accident arising out of negligence of the insured and / or the insured’s employees).

Advance Loss of Profits / Delay in Start UpThis provides cover in respect of loss of profits and fixed expenses / standing charges, following loss to the cargo whilst in transit, which results in the project period getting delayed beyond the anticipated date of completion.