Instant support at your fingertips is the key to Econorisk’s innovative app – “Econorisk Assist”.

Our risk advisors are only a call away, but there are situations when you need to act swiftly. At times like these it is extremely useful to be able to use smart technology to manage your policy, lodge a claim, arrange roadside assistance, record photo evidence – or even to press a panic alert at the touch of a screen.

“Econorisk Assist” is an app specifically designed with service delivery in mind: service assist, call assist, time assist, accident assist and emergency assist through our call centre. The app can be loaded onto your cellphone, tablet and/or laptop – any mobile device with the ability to provide you with fast, easy and efficient assistance while you are on the move.

Econorisk Assist is the kind of smart technology that adds value not distance between us. Tap into the app!