We can help you navigate the tough market conditions, save costs and still grow your short-term insurance brokerage.

Have you thought about the future of your short-term insurance brokerage?

Are you a broker who is looking for an alternative operating model, to save costs or to better manage compliance?

Then the Econorisk Broker Partner Model is for you.

Developments in the short term insurance industry make it an interesting time to be thinking about the future of your short term insurance brokerage.

Insurance broking should be more about doing business
and servicing clients, less about admin!

Get in touch with us and let’s chat about the Econorisk Broker Partner Model.


Benefits offered by the Broker Partner Model:

Reduce the costs associated with running your business – salaries, IT, HR, training, compliance, rent – we’ll help you save!

Econorisk holds binder agreements with South Africa’s leading A-rated intermediated insurers and we work with all short-term markets in South Africa – this ensures you can meet your clients’ full insurance needs.

We issue policies and endorsements directly from our office. Service delivery and quick turnaround times 

You also get full access, at no cost, to our IT platform – this offers a single administration platform for multiple insurers. 

At Econorisk, you will have access to our experienced team who provide technical advice and assistance at claims stage. Our claims mandates ensure that we can facilitate and manage claims from notification to finalisation, navigating clients through the claims journey. We work closely with our partners to ensure a positive claims outcome.
We’re all about fast, efficient processing. No delays. No corporate bureaucracy. Just client service.


Working closely with industry regulatory bodies, we ensure that our group is compliant with legislation and that our broker partners are up to speed with the latest changes and requirements in terms of regulation. 

A significant portion of the commission and broking fees are paid to you. We also assist with training and technical advice, and you get to enjoy protection under Econorisk’s PI Cover. 

Insurance Clients

Your clients are ringfenced and belong to you. You maintain your independence and the direct relationship you have with your clients. You, therefore, get to spend more time focusing on client retention and acquisition, whilst we provide all back-end support services.  

The Econorisk Broker Partner Model recognises the importance for you to preserve your uniqueness and independence. We then assist you in all areas of your operation so that you can focus on what is important – maintaining and growing your business.

We can broaden your capabilities and expertise, adding significant value, thereby enabling you to meet and exceed client expectations and truly enhance the service your clients receive.

For more information, please complete your contact details in the form above, alternatively, you can contact us via one of the below channels:

brokerpartner@econorisk.co.za   |   011 045 8555