The motor trade industry is one of the most important sectors in the South African economy. The Econorisk motor traders policy is designed specifically to provide cover to the motor trade and to meet the commercial short term insurance needs of motor trade business entities.

Motor traders insurance provides cover for small, big or even part-time motor traders. The policy is designed to cover all the risks associated with a retailers operation and is based on a standard commercial policy with extensions specific for the industry, ensuring seamless cover for all unique requirements.

Service Centres: Fitment Centres, Sound & Security, Workshops.
Product Retailers: Vehicle Parts Retailers, Auto Styling, 4×4 Equipment.
Hybrid Enterprises: Garages, Fitment Centres, Assessment Centres.
Vehicle Repair Centres: Vehicle Body Repairs, Glass Fitment Centres, Accessory Fitment Centre.
Towing & Salvage: Tow Trucks, Vehicle Salvage Dealers.
Motor Vehicle Auctioneers: Auction Houses.
Custom Vehicle Manufacturers: Industrial Freight Lines, Leisure Craft.
Custom Vehicle Restores: Classic Sports Cars, Vintage Automobiles.

The benefits of our Motor Traders Policy:

  • The Econorisk Motor Traders Policy is underwritten by Auto Trade Underwriters (Pty) Ltd. Auto Trade Underwriters are specialists in auto trade risks and one of the only companies in South Africa that focuses exclusively on motor trade insurance.
  • The policy is designed specifically to cover all the risks associated with the motor trade industry.
  • The motor traders internal section provides cover for loss or damage to vehicles whilst the vehicle is used on the insured’s premises.
  • The motor traders external section provides cover for loss or damage to vehicles whilst they are used outside of the insured’s premises and on the road.
  • Vehicles may be insured for comprehensive cover, third party, fire and theft cover or third party only cover.
  • Hail damage to vehicles is repaired timeously and at a fraction of the cost as compared to conventional repairers, due to our partners established infrastructure and expertise.



Your business requires crucial expertise and essential
knowledge of the motor trade insurance sector, to ensure adequate and comprehensive cover. For these tailor-made solutions, contact us and one of our risk consultants will provide specialist advice on the appropriate covers, enabling you to conduct business at a minimum level of risk.

For tailored cover to suit your motor trade requirements, contact Econorisk at