You work hard for your personal assets. Purchasing your first home or getting that car you have always dreamt of are memorable and momentous occasions in your life. And insuring your home and contents is an important consideration. Whilst a personal lines policy is not as complex as a commercial policy or one designed for a niche insurance sector, there is still a lot to consider when it comes to protecting the things that you value most, and personal insurance decisions should not be taken lightly. Several new and emerging risks are also often overlooked and obtaining the right advice would ensure nothing is left to chance.

A Personal Lines Policy provides cover for personal assets, from everyday items, such as the car you drive or the roof you sleep under at night, to your household contents and the hard-earned watch you wear when you leave your home. At Econorisk, we offer tailored cover to meet your diverse personal risk-related needs.

Cyber insurance risks

Have you thought about the increasing risks posed by cybercrimes? 

Cybercrime is the greatest threat facing the modern world today. Hacking, malware, banking app losses, cyberbullying – cybercrime is on the rise. As technology continues to develop, it is becoming increasingly important for individuals to safeguard themselves from cyber threats.

Econorisk offers several cyber cover options to protect you and your family from the risks posed by cybercriminals. Our cyber product is designed specifically to provide the advice and guidance needed to protect you and your family from identity theft and cyber threats and offers remediation services in the event you experience a cyber incident. After all, how secure is your password?

High Net Worth Insurance

High net worth insurance offers enhanced benefits for the high net worth individual. 

The Econorisk High Net Worth Insurance Policy factors in the finer things in life with enhanced covers and specialised underwriting that caters to the requirements of a high net worth individual. Think enhanced insurance, cover for fine art, high-performance cars and motorcycles, all packaged in a convenient policy with customer service and experience in mind.

Our personal policy goes even further to offer additional covers, such as emergency assistance and car hire. 

The convenient and easy-to-use Econorisk Assist app offers our personal lines customers instant support at their fingertips. Get immediate assistance with home emergencies; geyser maintenance; and roadside assistance. We also offer the option of car hire on your policy should you require a replacement car due to an accident or damage to your personal vehicle. We’re here to make life easier for you.

Whatever your insurance requirements, we can offer a tailor-made policy designed specifically to protect your assets, and of course, a dedicated Account Executive and claims specialists to assist at claims stage. It’s what keeps our customers requesting our specialist advice and insuring with peace of mind through Econorisk.