As a long term financial advisor, you understand the importance and value of the relationships with your clients. The service you provide to them is backed by a thorough analysis and deep understanding of their needs, knowledge of the industry and products available to meet these needs, and the value of the financial advice you offer.

The short term and long term insurance offerings are vastly different, and each requires a different set of skills, knowledge, accreditation, and expertise. The products also offer very different protection and cover for a very diverse set of eventualities.

Econorisk, established in 2001, is one of the largest risk and advisory businesses in South Africa. Our value lies in our experienced team of people and business partners who meet all the diverse, risk-related short term insurance needs of our clients. We are really appreciative that our satisfied clients and insurance partners spread the word about Econorisk. It’s hands down one of the most notable ways we have been able to grow. So we developed a referral incentive programme to reward you for allowing us to service your clients short term insurance requirements.


It’s simple. Refer your life clients to Econorisk for their short term insurance requirements and if the referral is successful, you will receive a portion of our income on a recurring basis. You simply facilitate the introduction, and we fulfil the entire short term service, from underwriting to claims and everything in between.

Referral Model Steps

At Econorisk, we fulfil all broking functions, ensuring the client is appropriately insured and is serviced in all respects. And with the attractive benefits, you get to enjoy the rewards.

To open your referral account, contact: