The team at Econorisk are proud to be celebrating the best decision we have ever made. This March, we celebrate the milestone of Econorisk’s 21st birthday. That’s 21 years of insurance broking and risk advice success.

At Econorisk, our focus remains on long-term strategies that manage volatility and keep surprises to a minimum. Over the years, we have successfully managed an extensive portfolio that ranges in risk. Whether it’s advice from our dedicated personal lines insurance specialists or assistance with more complex marine or commercial risks, Econorisk boasts a highly-skilled team of risk advisors and specialists who are able to meet the diverse risk needs of our clients. Risk advice is our business.

“We are really proud of this milestone and would like to thank our internal team of superheroes for the role they have played in ensuring we continue to meet and deliver on our clients’ expectations”, says Matthew van den Heuvel, Joint CEO. “The strength of our business lies within these internal skills and capabilities, within an industry where skill shortages are present. We really value our internal team of superheroes across the insurance value chain who continue to deliver beyond expectations”.

We also place a significant amount of value on the relationships we have with our insurers and underwriters across all spheres of insurance.

“We enjoy close working relationships with our suppliers and partners and believe these relationships are just as important as those we have our clients”, says Andrew Lilley, Joint CEO. “It is these quality engagements that span almost all local insurers, underwriters and UMAs, international insurers, as well as a high-quality list of suppliers that ensure that we are able to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations”.

With the impact of Covid and other economic challenges, the last two years have been really trying on so many businesses, but we are really excited to be celebrating this milestone and look eagerly forward to the year ahead. We can feel the hope and optimism that is inherent within us as South Africans and we are hopeful of the upward trajectory in 2022 and beyond.

So, in celebration of our 21st birthday in insurance, we have compiled 21 golden nuggets of learnings and risk advice.       






















Never underestimate the value of sound risk advice.

Surround yourself with link-minded people and partners.

Plan for risk. Always be prepared.

Relationships are key. Never underestimate the value of good working relationships.

Risk cannot be avoided. But it can be managed.

Do you understand the value of value?

Isn’t risk advice from the wrong person risk in itself?

You see an insurance policy; we see 21 years of knowledge in risk management.

Have you thought about the changes in the risk landscape and considered new insurance products/additional covers that serve to protect new or changing risks? 

Think Cyber risks! The risk is real, and it’s growing.

Don’t choose insurance simply based on price. Find an insurance partner who can advise you on the terms and conditions of the cover.

Attention to detail during the underwriting process is key. Econorisk is known for its wealth of collective insight and expertise.

The more complex an insurance transaction, the more important the role of the broker becomes. When the stakes are high, businesses need the benefit of experienced insight.

The true value of your insurance policy is tested at claims stage. Partner with the best.

Your insurance policy should be regularly reviewed and adjusted.

Liability is far-reaching, often unforeseen and can have potentially devastating consequences to any business, large or small. Plan ahead.

A brokerage that knows what it is doing has the inherent skills to provide the right cover and the expertise to negotiate the complexities.

Taking a calculated risk might mean challenging the status quo, but it doesn’t mean leaving anything to chance.

For fellow insurance brokerages, have you thought about the future of your short-term insurance brokerage? Explore our Broker Partner Model.

Don’t leave anything to chance. Econorisk…nothing left to chance.

Don’t take yourself so seriously. Always remember to have fun along the way.